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Supporting Local Industry

Building Connections

Developed by industry in consultation with owners, general contractors, and trade contractors, SupplierLink Saskatchewan is embraced by Government of Saskatchewan and the local construction network.

How Does It Work?

SupplierLink Saskatchewan streamlines the engagement process, making it easier for infrastructure owners and general contractors to find the right subcontractors and trades.


Contractors and suppliers enter their details to build a profile.


Hiring firms search the directory for contractors and suppliers using specific criteria and filters.

Search Projects

Buyers and infrastructure owners share exclusive access to projects.

Are you a


of goods or services?

Are you a


that is looking to keep track of safety, ESG, and reporting data while hiring?

SupplierLink Mission

Our mission is to connect buyers to suppliers of services, simplify that process and allow them to be more productive and successful.

Our platform is designed to promote economic opportunity by enabling members to connect, find opportunities, get work, and develop trusted relationships.

SupplierLink is a unique system for connecting suppliers with buyers

Developed by industry with a focus on the Saskatchewan supplier base, SupplierLink broadens engagement with government and suppliers of all sizes.